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So who am I? And how did I get here?

Hello, my name is Kobi Schutz, and I Photographer in the soul.

My passion for the Arts started from a young age, when I was sitting for lessons entire class and drawing, the curiosity has always been ingrained in me, every time I get a new toy minutes after I came to the toy was in pieces when I’m at the center of the room trying to figure out how it worked.

When I grew up and stopped disassembling toys. I had to find something that will satisfy my curiosity and express the artist in me. And I met the world of photography.

After I taught myself during high school graphics and three-dimensional modeling, I realized that the most beautiful things are not produced on a computer, certainly not when the real world out there is full with the wonders of creation around.

I can still remember how as a child I would go with my mother to the grocery shopping and there just admiring the beauty of the peppers, colors, and shapes.

My background in photography and my photography studies began as a photojournalist, going out to the event to shoot no matter what the weather was or location only to capture the perfect image.

But apart from the photojournalism, I also found myself walking around the markets, on the street in front of a fountain or on the beach trying to see the world from a different angle.

Today I know that I have the tools and knowledge needed to photograph everything, so if you like to hear more just contact me.


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